Lutsel K'e Dene School

Lutsel K'e Dene School

Box 80

Lutsel K'e, NT, X0E 1A0, Canada

1 867 3703131/ fax 1 867 370 3017

Lutsel K'e, NT, Canada, is home to several hundred Dene people who speak Chipewyan and who have a close affinity with a harsh land that provides caribou, lake trout, moose, black bear, grizzly bear, ciscoes (tullibee, lake herring), cranberries, blueberries,mushrooms, spruce, pine and lots of fresh air and water. Beautiful scenery of water and hills completes this pristine environment. The school provides K-10 education. Some students attend school in Ft. Smith for higher grades.

Local transportation is via wheeled vehicles within a few mile of town and aeroplanes year round, and snowmobile in winter and motorboat in summer. NTCL provides barge service in summer, bringing in heavy freight. Air Tindi provides regular air service and charter to the airport YLK and the dock.

Here is a gallery of photos taken during the 1999/2000 school year.

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Other communities in the neighborhood are Hay River, Yellowknife and Fort Smith.

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